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Lidan UK

Lidan UK Limited

Although I became a BT Pensioner in 1997 I knew at the age of 50 I was too young to retire. I tried doing something completely different to telecoms work for two years but I missed the telecommunications arena. In January 1999 I went to work for TeleCity, a pan European Internet Hosting Company and by 2002 I was working for BT again as a contractor. In 2003 the work disappeared and I realised if I wanted more work I would have to set up my own company as a consultant. In July 2005 I set up Lidan UK Limited.

Up until the end of February 2014, most of my work was for a company called Vtesse Networks. They had a large optical fibre network in the UK and I maintained their records (Vtesse were bought out by Interoute in 2015). Having trained my replacement and ensured all the process documentation was in place, I pack up working on 28th February 2014. I’m now using my company to pursue motor scooter restoration projects. I am keen to start work on an electric scooter based on either a Vespa PX or a Lambretta Li.

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